Schellenberg Family Groups & Documents

Below, you will find links to compiled family groups and document images for various of generations of the Schellenberg ancestry. Further details, analysis, and translations can be found in the research summary and journal linked on the main Schellenberg genealogy page.

A letter addressed to Jakab Schellenberg in Pécs (Fünfkirchen), Kingdom of Hungary 1853

1. Kálmán Schellenberg and Olga Szalay

Kálmán and Olga married in Olga’s hometown of Kapuár, Hungary, and immigrated to the United States with their children after World War II.

2. Albert Zsigmond “Béla” Schellenberg and Etelka Slapsay

Albert and Etelka married in the city of Arad, which, at the time, was part of the Kingdom of Hungary but is now in Romania.

3a. Hans Jakob “Jakab” Schellenberg and Julianna Kaltwasser

Jakab was the first Schellenberg in Hungary. Julianna was Jakab’s first wife. The couple had at least two children before she died.

3b. Hans Jakob “Jakab” Schellenberg and Katalin Spiesz

Katalin was Jakab’s second wife and the mother of Albert Zsigmond. Jakab and Katalin married in her hometown of Bonyhád in Hungary, but the couple resided in Pécs.

4. Hans Jakob Schellenberg and Regula Erni

Hans Jakob and Regula were the last ancestral Schellenberg generation to spend their entire lives in Switzerland. They married in Pfäffikon Evangelical Reformed parish in the canton of Zürich.