For the entirety of my conscious life, I have been interested in where my family comes from. Since 2012, I have been actively researching all lines of my ancestry in primary source documents—sometimes with success and sometimes with frustration—in the United States and Europe. Below, you will find links to the information I have compiled in that time and some of the resources I have used that may be helpful for your own research.

Disclaimer: I do no include information about people born less than 100 years ago and/or who are still living unless permission is explicitly given. Furthermore, being the descendants of my specific parents, grandparents, and other ancestors, I have spent more time researching and documenting them, so I apologize if you feel your particular family or branch has been overlooked—I’m always happy to get more information!


Family Genealogies



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Research Resources

Here you will find a handful of research resources that can be used to find your immigrant ancestors, particularly those from the former German and Austro-Hungarian Empires.