DNA Testing and Matching


AncestryDNA tests autosomal DNA, which is inherited randomly from one’s parents. Autosomal DNA is good for finding connections on all lines up to the 5th or 6th generation, but is most useful for identifying connections in the 1st to 3rd generations. AncestryDNA is also ideal for genealogy because your test will tie you to genetic relatives with Ancestry family trees that you can explore and compare.

My AncestryDNA username is BrianSchellenberg.

My mother, father, and most of my siblings have also tested.


FamilyTreeDNA offers autosomal, Y-chromosome, and mitochondrial (mt) testing, but their Y-DNA and mtDNA tests are the most useful. Y-DNA is inherited male to male almost unchanged, so a Y-DNA test can tie you to male relatives with connections 20+ generations separated from you. MtDNA is similar but for the DNA passed down by your female ancestors in your mitochondria. Males also inherit this mtDNA, but do not pass it on.

I am the only one in my immediate family who has taken the Y-DNA test.

The majority of my matches are of Swiss origin with some form of the surname Bosshardt, although there are a couple of Sigrist matches.

Most of my Y-DNA matches have Swiss roots, but there are a few, possibly descended from “non-paternal events,” that show Anglo-American origins.

I am particularly interested in connecting with a member of the Schellenberg clan in the Canadian plain states.